Cresto Support Lanyard 2370 10M

Cresto Support Lanyard 2370 10M

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Cresto Support Lanyard 2370 10M

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Support lanyard with soft one hand-adjusting grip. Made of 11 mm kern mantel rope with fibers of Polyamide. The rope can withstand bad weather and moisture and used in product tested for sharp edges. The lanyard has a low weight and all metal components is in aluminum. The lanyard is also certified as absorbing flexible lanyard EN 353-2 and suitable to arrest a fall. The absorbing function is friction between the adjusting grip and the rope in a soft way. Its important to have the rope in pretension as much as possible and to have 30 cm spare for the brake function at the end. So this is the best product for both restraint and fall arrest together. The lanyard is replacing Cresto 2360 and 2361 witch are discharge from our range.
EN 358 och EN 353-2

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