Mission, Vision and Values

Our business concept is the result of many years of development and experience as a specialist supplier to a large number of companies. Our business is also influenced by the entire organization's entrepreneurial spirit and culture – a culture that is familiar to all our employees and is firmly engrained in each of our departments.





  • We provide maximum safety and comfort for our customers through strong and competent service, consultation, training and focus on customer needs.
  • We comply with all necessary laws, have a strong sense of ethics, ethos and social responsibility.
  • We train, develop and give responsibilities to our employees.
  • We aim to be a sustainable business, where all of our employees are happy to go to work.



We want to create value and cost savings for our partners through service, consultation, product customization and easily accessible webshops, as well as fast and accurate delivery.


Our Shared Values:

At Comtec Int. Carl Backs, we have five rules that all of our employees commit to. Our rules of conduct help to create a powerful sense of unity and a strong business that benefits our customers and partners.


1. Work/ Wellbeing

  • We have a shared task of ensuring everyone is having a good day, every day
  • We organize social events to build team spirit
  • We seek and expect employee input on our daily operations
  • We take responsibility for our own wellbeing and that of our colleagues
  • We show generosity and provide a safe space for everyone thanks to our positive attitude


2. Communication

  • We receive ongoing information from team leaders (via meetings, etc.)
  • We openly discuss the challenges we face, to find better solutions
  • We listen and provide constructive feedback on any questions or suggestions
  • We hold monthly meetings with an opportunity to offer suggestions


3. Dynamic

  • We take the initiative and have an energetic approach
  • We adhere to established, successful procedures
  • We show interest in our work and have a proactive attitude
  • We see opportunities and not limitations
  • We regard change as a challenge, not a problem


4. Team spirit

  • We have a visible leadership that creates a common direction for everyone in the company
  • We welcome diversity and use it in a positive manner
  • We share knowledge and information to help one other develop


5. Professional Competance/ Training

  • We develop our professionalism through internal/external training and education
  • We learn from our mistakes (but do try to limit repetitions!)
  • We devote time to training so new employees start on the right footing and feel secure in their new jobs
  • We adopt a solution-oriented approach towards our customers' needs