Our employees are our most important resource, which is why we take care of them and makes sure they are always updated within our products. This ensures that the employees know their field and are always ready to help you and your company with the questions you might have




 Morten Espersen      morten@comtecint.dk    +45 2784 7959      CEO/ Partner

Sales Department

 Peter Skou      peter@comtecint.dk    +45 6013 7416      Sales Director/ Partner
 Jonathan Isaac      jon@comtecint.co.uk
   +44 7824775105      Sales Manager UK
 Micheal Cass Clay      cass@comtecint.co.uk    +44 7714791027      Sales Consultant UK

Internal Sales Department

 Vivi Gravesen      vivi@comtecint.dk    +45 2887 9747      Internal Sales Team Leader


 Stefan Bo Kristiansen      stefan@comtecint.dk    +45 5130 1918      Financial Chief


 Kristine Hansen      hr@comtecint.dk    +45 7612 4118      HR consultant

Marketing Web & IT

 Jan Wessel Rasmussen      jan@comtecint.dk    +45 2513 3590      Marketing & Web Manager